Clannad ~After Story~ 02 – Search for Fake Love

So my guess from last episode was right, this is the episode where Sunohara dates Sanae-san thinking that she’s Nagisa’s sister.

The episode opens with a scene from the Illusionary world where the garbage doll loses the girl but the girl sends some sheep anime to lead the garbage doll back to her. It then goes back to the real world.

Nagisa and Tomoya explain to Sunohara how Mei-chan is staying over at theirs still and helping out and Sunohara is annoyed by the fact that she won’t leave due to Sunohara’s failure at life – no job, plans or brains when he’s almost graduated. Therefore, Tomoya calls up another brilliant idea of his, this time to prove that he has what it takes to live by showing off his “fake girlfriend” to her to convince her to leave.

So here we have Sunohara and Tomoya asking the little number of girls they know. First they see Ryou and Sunohara ends up making her cry. Obviously Kyou then comes and kicks the crap outta Sunohara. Next he goes for Tomoyo but she blanks him half the time then just ends up kicking him too. Next on the list is Kotomi, she actually agrees to it but Sunohara can’t take it as she just ends up playing her horrible deathtunes on her violin. Lastly, they end up at Yukine. Obviously Sunohara gets kicked again this time as Yukine’s “gang member” worries what Sunohara’d do to her.

After a little while, Sanae-san meets them in the middle of the town and offers some help. They then have a practice date the next day with Sunohara dashing backwards and forwards to Tomoya explaining every little thing. The next day comes and they show Mei Sunohara’s girlfriend. However, Mei does not seem convinced and here the episode ends.

Well this certainly was a funny episode again. I guess the beginning of this season is gonna be happy and then gradually move onto a sadder ending. (I’ve heard that the anime ending will be the sad one, I’m not too sure though. Personally I like that ending the most as it’s really… “tear-jerking” – not sure if that’s the right word but it was really sad and then happy at the end that it made me cry T_T Clannad sure is THE best.)


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