Rosario + Vampire Capu2 01 – Reunion and Vampire

Don’t ask why I watch it, I guess I just watch it because I watched season 1 and also for the fan service I guess.

Warning: This post includes A LOT of pantyshots, do not view if you may get offended by this.

As I’m gonna put up a lot of images for this anime I won’t caption them, I also won’t make the post too long as there isn’t too much to talk about.

The episode opens with Tsukune having a dream in which he’s about to kiss Moka (and maybe do more “stuff”) but the other Moka suddenly appears and kicks Tsukune :p But it was just a dream xD

Tsukune then leaves the house and heads back for Youkai Academy but on his way he meets a new student thinking it was Moka and crashes into her…

He then gets to school and sees all the new freshmen around the second grade students.

They then go to the lockers and find lots of letters from the freshmen. Mizore receives one saying “I love how you stalk people, I love to stalk people too, can we please be friends” and the whole group except Mizore end up like this -> -_-” Moka then opens her locker and she receives so much letter it suffocates her.  She reads one of the letter as the envelope was in a shape of a bat and caught their attention. She opened it and it says “I will kill you” basically. She then receives many more of these during the day.. and night…

The mysterious orange hair girl then starts causing commotion in the opening ceremony which causes the vampire Moka to appear. (New transformation sequence!)

It seems the mysterious orange haired girl is Moka’s sister! :O

OP – “DISCOTHEQUE” by Mizuka Nana

ED – “Trinity Cross” by Mizuka Nana

Gotta say I definitely prefer the first ending, Dancing in the Velvet Moon more than any other of Mizuka Nana’s other OP and EDs though. ❤ Dancing in the Velvet Moon!


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