Soul Eater 25 – Death Scythes Summoned! Preventing Papa’s Personnel Changes!?

Soul Eater 25 was a more cheerful episode compared to the last few ones with battle only. Even though the battles were quite cool, I missed out on some of the comedy bits (although they’re not that funny lol). Afterall, Soul Eater is the type of anime for comedy.

Well anyway, the episode begins with Shinigami-sama deciding what to do.





The answer!

The answer!

All the Death Scythes are summoned. However, only 3 out of the 8 arrive – Justin, Yumi and Marie. The South American one did not come as they could not communicate as the South American Death Scythe only responded with CAOCAO.

Justin is some priest dude who listens to some loud music which renders him deaf in most cases.



Yumi seems to have been the student council president of Stein and Spirit.

"Same as ever"

"Same as ever..."

Marie is a girl who wants to retire after getting married, however she has not found anyone to marry and almost decided to marry a toilet before getting talked out by Yumi. (Seems Marie is not very bright lol)

"I'm going to marry the toilet!"

"I want to marry the toilet!"

Shinigami-sama then meets with Stein, Spirit and the 3 other Death Scythes.

Spirit is told to be Shinigami-sama’s weapon (after constant depression due to fear of becoming demoted lol), Stein is then told to be partnered up with Marie, Yumi is told to cover Marie’s post and keep track on where the Kishin is and Justin is free. We then also learn that the reason for Stein to be paired up with Marie is because Stein is getting affected by the insanity of Asuran but luckily Marie’s soul wavelength has a calming effect.



Meanwhile, Soul drags Maka to play basketball.

Soul says: “If you stay at home all day…

Omg, is this true? o_O

Omg, is this true? o_O

Maka is forced to become the captain of her team (Her, Liz & Black Star) and Kid of the other team (Him, Soul & Tsubaki). They made a bet – if Maka’s team loses, Maka goes on a date with her father o.O and if Kid’s team loses, ALL his pictures will be TILTED (OMG!!!!) 10 degrees!!! :O :O :O

Maka’s team loses as Maka still didn’t learn the rules of basketball and ends up asking for a date with her father. Let’s wish Maka good luck and hope Spirit is less flirty rofl.

Blush more xD


His blood rushed up his nose too fast...

His blood rushed up his nose too fast...


2 Responses to “Soul Eater 25 – Death Scythes Summoned! Preventing Papa’s Personnel Changes!?”

  1. Never seen the show but looks interesting

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Love this show!!!

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