Open Evening

Gah… we had parents evening that day. From Year 7 to Year 11 it was always voluntary to go and help out for parents evening so of course, I never went. xD But now that we’re in Sixth Form, it was compulsory to help T_T

I arrived at school at around 11 (had the morning off :D) and then finishing at 1pm and went home whilst some friends went Pizza Hut. I really couldn’t be bothered to go so I went straight home. I starved on the bus T_T Well yeah, I bought this really cheap bag for like £4 as well as some reversible hoody (didn’t even know it was reversible till I got home lol). Then I got home at like 2:30pm ish (still quite early) and did practically nothing till 4:30 and left the house.

I got to the Kingston bus stop at like 5pm and there were some black guys getting searched by police which held the bus up by a lot so I got to school at 5:58 and my tours started at exactly 5:58. Luckily for me though there weren’t many people asking for tours yet so it didn’t matter. Also they didn’t even register you so I guess that was ok too. Unluckily though, we had been given no details of what to do or say so I just copied what everyone else did and started at specific places they wanted to go or just went around. So yeah… after around 1 hour 10 mins I finally finished that tour. I called my friend and then decided to wait for him cos he was still doing his tour. More and more people came looking for tours though so I went to wait outside the library to get away from it but another Sixth former came and grabbed me back T_T However, my friend came and then we both used “going to the toilet” as an excuse and ran out into  town to grab something to eat lol. We ordered pizza but then decided we’d go get some fried chicken instead lol. Harsh on the pizza shop but oh well, we’ll pay them back next time. It was around 7:50 ish then and our next tour was meant to be 7:43.

We got back to school and saw that there were hardly any people. One by one, our lot disappeared to give tours. Then it was just my friend and I left. We were told to do some pair tour but then I got called back. Some asian people then came up to me and asked to do a tour so I ended up doing it. By the time I finished this tour it was 9:20pm. They didn’t know where the bus stop was so I took them there -_- I even told them which bus to get in the end lol. Well I finally got home at 10:30pm T_T

What’s worse is that I gotta do this again next year T_T Well until then I guess I’m lucky lol. At least it was an INSET day afterwards; poor teachers, they probably get home at like 11-12 then the next day they gotta go back to school and set everything up again if they didn’t already xD


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